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API Libraries

Standard API

We have standard API wrappers that you can checkout and use from Github using the links below. All you need is an API access key to get started with them.

You can create your access key from API Console, after you sign up for an account with SendinBlue. You must use latest version 2.0, access key, for accessing APIs.

Note: We also provide a request timeout, as optional parameter in each library. It’s default value is 30 Seconds. Maximum allowed timeout is 60 seconds.


PHP is one of the most widely used programming language. Our PHP API wrapper is simple to use. All you need is to download the file mailin.php and include it in your code as per following code sample. You must have PHP curl enabled on your server.

Download the PHP library from Github.

We also support –

  1. Composer
  2. Symfony 2 & 3 Bundle.
  3. Laravel’s mail transport for SendinBlue – Developed by Agence Webup


Python API library requires below modules for proper functioning.

  • json
  • requests

You can access the data using Python wrappers using following sample code.

Download the Python library from Github
We also support PyPI.


Ruby is a very easy to use language and our API libraries can be integrated very easily in your application. You need to install following modules on your server.

  • json
  • httparty
  • openssl

Ruby sample code for accessing the data using API is given below

Download the Ruby API Wrapper from Github.
We also support Gem.


You can easily install Node.js library in your Node.js application. It has following dependencies which can be installed using npm.

  • Restler
  • Crypto

Sample Node.js API code is give below for easy reference.

Download Node.js API Wrapper from Github
We also support NPM.


C# API wrappers can be downloaded from Github repository. Following things hold for the use of C# libraries.

  • The primary dependency is Newtonsoft’s JSON .NET library
  • This is compatible with .NET 4.0 and above due to the usage of dynamic objects.

Download C# API Wrapper from Github
64-Bit DLL file


Java API Wrappers has following dependencies before it can be used in your application.

  • gson jar

Sample Java API code is give below for easy reference.

Download Java API Wrapper from Github


GO is one of the most widely used free and open source programming language.

We support –

  1. SendInBlue APIv2.0 Client Library – Developed by Jeremy Khawaja

Please feel free to contact us, if you have a wrapper of your own that you want to list here.