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Identify User

Identify call is used to let us know your customer by sending us email, and optional parameters like name, mobile, location, unique Id, offer, plan, country etc.

These parameters will help us track your customers and users, as well as track their actions.

Here’s what an identify call looks like, along with its method signature.

Javascript Example


Here, user email is the unique and mandatory parameter with which you define your customer. user_data is a json object. You can pass any number of user properties in this object. Keep in mind that those user properties will populate your database on the Marketing Automation platform to create rich scenarios.

Everytime an identify call is made, a new contact entry will be created on a new folder called “Identified_contacts” of your Sendinblue Marketing Campaign platform with “name”, “email” and “mobile” (see below).
All other attributes passed in the identify function can be used as triggers (OR,IF…) on the Marketing Automation platform.
All those attributes passed in the identify function, if identical to your contact table attributes, will update / populate the data of your contact table. All new information you have about your contacts can therefore automatically update your contacts in SendinBlue for a better segmentation and use of your campaigns or actions.

You can send us the mobile number of a user using a reserved keyword mobile. We will use the data in the mobile field to update SMS attribute of the user in your Sendinblue contact database.


PHP Example:

Download PHP API Wrapper
You can get your Marketing Automation API Key here

CURL Example: