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Marketing Automation Quick Start

SendinBlue Marketing Automation module helps you automate your marketing campaigns with minimum efforts and development cost.

Getting started with Marketing Automation takes just a few minutes. Once you have signed up for an account, you will need to start recording data.

Step 1: Visit the dashboard and install the code snippet in your website

You have to copy / paste the code snipper in your header, just before the tag </header>. This snippet will load the necessary code, required for recording data.


Step 2: Identify users

The snippet code allow us to track all the pages visited by users. In order to implement personalized actions, for example send a welcome email, you need to let us know who is the current user: email_id and optional attributes like name, postal code, etc.

There are two methods for users identification. The first one is cookie identification, and it allows us to identify all the users who have clicked your emails once. The second method is the use of Identify function in your website, which allows you to identify all the users who have fulfilled an email field on your website (signup or login for example).

1. Cookie Identification
By default, Sendinblue drops a cookie, every time your users click any link in the emails sent by you using Sendinblue platform. This cookie contains information about your users like email_id, which uniquely identifies your users. When you paste the snippet in your website, we track this cookie and send it to our server. Consequently, all the users who have clicked one of your emails are identified when they visit your website.

2. Identify function
To identify users who did not clicked one of your emails, and to push custom users attributes, you will need to use the Identify function. After signup or login, insert the « Identify » function to send us users details. For example:

This function will identify user ‘James Clear’ with a user id ‘10001’ and email ‘’. The email is the one required attribute, and of course, you can include as many custom attributes as you want in the identify function.
> More information about the Identify function

Step 3: Track users actions

Many marketing scenarios can be achieved by just doing the basic code installation, especially all scenarios built on users visited pages. If you want to create more complex scenarios, based for example on purchased products, you will need some custom functions. SendinBlue provides three functions to track all users actions :
> Track Events
> Track Links
> Track Pages

For example, let’s suppose that you need to track users purchases. In this objective, you have to use the track Event function in the order confirmation page.

The event name, « product_purchased », is required. Other attributes, like « Plan » or « Amount », are optional.

There is already a basic page tracking enabled by default through javascript snippet. You can further modify it using tracking page function.